help bridging networks

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First of all thanks for the great work yo do.

I'm moving to a new house, it's not my house its one that I rent.

I need to create a isolate from the rest of the house a new network. I can't use ethernet, to join the routers o use plc (electric installatión it's not good).

Let me show you I think that will work for me.

Connect a "router 2" has a client of main router. And the isolate "network 2" of the rest of the home network, all equipment needs to be accesible between themselves and internet but invisible of the main network.

In the wiki a see the option "MASQUERADE NAT". This option will work ????

I do it probably with a old computer and two wifi cards but if it is posible Did you recoment one router for this? Existis any router with two independet wifi card one for conet and another for serve? I not sure tha is necesary or will imrove cuality.

thanks and sorry for my bad English.