DMVPN on Alpine Linux

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#1 Sun, 2017-11-12 23:25
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I am writting a thesis on: Project and implementation of dynamic tunneling system based on open source solutions. I found the Alpine Linux system on the Internet, which I can implement DMVPN technology. I want to implement it using GNS3 and VirtualBox. I want to use Alpine Linux on Hub and Spokes. Can someone write me a short tutorial? I am beginner in Linux.
I implemented DMVPN system on VyOS in GNS3, so I understand how it works :) but Linux is a bit more complicated. I am interested in whether someone has managed to implement the Hub and Spoke network in GNS3 using VirtualBox. I am just starting to work on it but I want to know if there are people who can help me.


Mon, 2017-11-13 20:39
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Hi maszkiewicz,
It might be quicker to learn Linux from tutorial videos such as some at youtube rather than to wait for someone to write a tutorial for you. It's great to see your interest for Alpine Linux, although beginners to Linux might struggle with Alpine Linux as it doesn't come with a desktop environment preinstalled. It's a bit like building a window installation using MS-DOS (or a tad simpler). If you still want to try it, you could go through the wiki's installation page and look at the Alpine wiki tutorials, especially the Post-install and Desktop environment tutorials. You might get a good introduction to Linux with Linux Lite or Linux Mint, for example (Alpine Linux has some advantages in other areas though), and hopefully you will soon be able to be more familiar with package managers (aptitude instead of apk used in Alpine), etc. :)
Wishing you luck!

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