Alpine virtualbox and two network cards: NAT and host-only

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#1 Fri, 2018-03-02 19:22
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I have tried to configure network in an alpine installed in a virtualbox VM. Host OS is Windows 7.
In VM I selected 2 cars: NAT and host-only.
eth0 is NAT and eth1 is host-only
eth0 is configured as:
auto eth0
iface eht0 inet dhcp
hostname alpine

instead eht1:
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

With this configuration only eht1 works, I can pint guest from host but I have no internet connection.
I must comment eth1 and reboot the vm to have internet connection using eth0.

How can I use both network card at the same time without problem?


Fri, 2018-03-16 23:39
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Try removing the gateway from eth1, the gateway is provided by dhcp on eth0.

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