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#1 Sat, 2017-08-19 01:57
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I've trying to install the following package: hdf5

The package shows on the website and when I try to use apk add hdf5 it can't be found.

Also the github link seems to point to an empty folder.

Am I just doing something wrong? Can I find this package some how?

Wed, 2017-08-30 08:54
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You see here: https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/testing/x86/hdf5

that the package is in the testing repo, try adding:


to the repo list. This may be as simple as opening /etc/apk/repositories in a text editor (vim, nano, etc.) and uncommenting whatever repo link has /edge/testing in it.

Or you will have to manually add it to the file like:

echo "http://mirror.leaseweb.com/alpine/edge/testing" >> /etc/apk/repositories

Let me know if this works for you! :)

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