Alpine Custom ISOs and VM Template

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#1 Wed, 2017-10-11 23:26
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Hello Alpine Community,

I have 2 questions regarding custom ISOs and VM templates that I cannot seem to find an answer for. I've searched various terms related, but could not quite find what I was looking for.

1) When making custom ISOs, is it possible to include a customized answer_file in a directory someplace? This would be so that when a new VM is created, one can edit the answer_file as necessary, and then pass it through. The included answer_file would have the majority of settings filled out, and thus a new system would only require small changes like hostname and static IP.

2) Instead of going the custom ISO route, I would create a VM template instead via the clone feature in most hypervisors. But I am more familiar with CentOS and it has a RedHat doc on properly "sealing" a VM before cloning. What steps would need to be taken in Alpine to ensure a cloned system works fine?