Improved forum format - use open source Discourse?

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#1 Wed, 2017-09-20 18:44
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This is an excellent distro, which I wish were promoted also for desktops to improve the user participation/contribution/improvement/donation/popularity rates. At this point, the developers are very active: just looking at the number of commits, and since they manage to keep a low number of outstanding open issues. So they can't be faulted for keeping busy with important things.

Perhaps the user base could help; maybe a more active and user-friendly forum design, to engage plain desktop users too? The somewhat similar Void Linux distro has an active, excellent forum that apparently uses the Discourse public discussion software, and it is open source!

- Anyone can flag up spam (that would help here) and inappropriate posts;
- Quickly see the most recent posts on the forum homepage; and
- Quickly navigate down to the last post on a thread by clicking on the handle.

Hopefully, if it seems ok, someone with forum design rights could help migrate the forum? Or at least give rights under the 'Operations' post link for each post for other users to flag up spam posts.

At any rate, thanks to all the developers and all genuine Alpine forum users for their contributions! :)