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#1 Sun, 2017-08-27 11:17
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Categories should be added to for better filters like "terminal" or "desktop", "webserver", ...

Thu, 2017-09-21 12:16
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If Alpine is ever going to have a useful graphical package manager, this is necessary. I would suggest using the same format that is in *.desktop files and if no desktop file is provided in the package, parse the file list for specific files or directories such as:

*.debug) Debug
*.h|*.a|/usr/include/*) Development
*/bin/*|*/sbin/*)Administration Utilities

To further improve the situation, I would also add a field corresponding to the MimeType entry in the *.desktop file so that the package manager could automatically provide a list of usable applications to install (via wrapper around xdg-open??)

... and the final bonus, the Icon entry ...for obvious reasons in a graphical package manager, but it could also be used for an online distro iso/img builder
For a web-based example that would work over ssh (links), in the console (netsurf-framebuffer) or in X or Wayland (via browser) see:

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