unprivileged lxc

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#1 Tue, 2017-10-03 06:24
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Going through how to get unprivileged lxc to work in alpine linux 3.6
ran into a stumbling block

unprivileged_user$ lxc-start -n {container}
Permission Denied - failed to set memory.use_hierarchy to 1: continuing
Explanation: cgroups aren’t set up properly for unprivileged user.

           sudo cgm create all $USER
           sudo cgm chown all $USER $(id -u) $(id -g)
           cgm movepid all $USER $$

While this fix works. The first 2 lines have to be run every boot and the third every login.
is there a way to automate this? In the past I created a boot script and a login script to take
care of this. Also, I looked into lxcfs-pam(pam_cgfs.so) but not much documentation
on how to configure it.

Anyone help would be appreciated.