Wei Shao individual offensive

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Wei Shao individual offensive efficiency is not blindly reckless, but the full use of their ability to score and scoring opportunities in front of, if faced with more than double teammates position better, he often choose to pass. He broke the ball in the first half, assists Steven - Adams inside dunks score, assists the bottom line of Andre - Robertson layup, as well as assists Victor - Oradea air relay score.

In the third quarter to 9 minutes and 11 seconds, Wall steals Howard's pass to fight back, although Schroeder has been in a close guard, but Wall is still dunk, and still in the air to change hands with his left hand dunk! This dunk so that Wall is very excited Martin Maldonado Jersey, after the completion of dunk, he stared at death with Schroeder, and his mouth is still sprayed with garbage, it is very domineering. And Schroeder did not just look at Wall Rod Carew Jersey, seems to have complained about Howard's move Carlos Perez Jersey.

?NBA regular season to continue Nate Smith Jersey, the Wizards at home to 109-101 victory over the Hawks, the total score in the series made 2-0 lead. Backstage guns to become the Wizards to win the hero, John - Wall took 32 points and 9 assists, Bradley - Bill scored 31 points.