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In Bogut, Spets, Azeri left, the outside world said the Warriors inside strength, the depth of the significant decline, especially their ability to fall under the basket. The existence of McKee can be described as playing the face of doubt, he is the warriors this season, one of the key to lead the league leader. To know that the basic salary of the wheat season is only 1.4 million US dollars, he was the most playoffs this season, one of the most cost-effective players.

In the game, Westbrook 43 shots in 17, throwing 26 goals tied the NBA playoff single field conceded record Tanner Glass Jersey, Rick - Barry Pavel Buchnevich Jersey, Jordan and Durant have a single game in the playoffs Throwing 26 goals, Westbrook scored 15 points in the distal, but only 18 of 4 shots, he is also the last 20 years in the playoffs in the first single shot 14 balls.

Gradually started the name of the Beverly J.T. Miller Jersey, no one from the high school teenager, NCAA team to become a popular looter, he chose the University of Arkansas. Beverly played in Arkansas for two years, he was cheated in school, was banned for a year, the university is not going Nick Holden Jersey.